Are you tired of seeing machine-made, MDF and veneered “fake” furniture?

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Red Heart Home Store offers the best  in solid wood furniture and most desired home decor  products in GTA (Greater Toronto Area) with up to 60% off store price. Our product portfolio has a wide variety of wall arts, solid wood dining room, bedroom furnitures, oil paintings, lightings and decor products.

 Are you tired of seeing machine-made, MDF and veneered “fake” furniture? When you finally do happen to find a product you somewhat like, are you sticker-shocked at the store price? If so, then Red Heart Furniture is the solution you’re looking for. Visit our furniture showroom  to see handmade solid wood Furnitures made by genuine craftsmen. When you visit you’ll get to see and touch the furniture and get expert advice. At Red Heart Home Store, you’ll save up to 60 % on the cost of similar items you may have seen and admired in leading home décor shops and outlets.  Shop from our store  to enhance your living room, dining room, bed room and office with the most preferred home decor and furniture products.

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